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Anatomy of an Athletic Trainer


Important Forms

  • East Windsor Physical Form  - This form must be completed by a licensed physician, APN, or physician assistant (PA) that has completed the Student-Athlete Cardiac Assessment module. This is the most important form for your child to have in order for them participate. The physical is good for 365 days from the date of exam.
  • Asthma Self-Medicate Permission Form - If your child has asthma, you MUST have this form completed by your physician EVERY school year. Please turn in completed form to the health office.
  • Allergy Action Plan - If your child has a life threatening allergy, which requires the use of medication or an Epi-pen, you MUST have these forms filled out by the treating physician. This is so we have a guideline on how to proceed in the event that you child is exposed to or has ingested the allergen. This form must be completed EVERY school year. Please turn in completed form to the health office.

  • Wrestling Skin Lesion Form - If your child is a member of the wrestling team and you believe they have a skin lesion. Please have this form filled out by your doctor, front and back, as soon as you find the lesion!
  • If your child is injured during an athletic event, secondary insurance forms are available upon request. 

More Information

If the hyperlink to the email does not work use the following: or extension 1171

Contact: Lisa Sheehan, MS, LAT, ATC